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Musical Repertoire

For Weddings, Special Events, and So Much More

Impulse Strings houses a wide variety of repertoire that is uniquely written to each offered ensemble including our Quartets, Trios, and Duo's. We believe our arrangements are what set us apart from any other string ensembles. We love a personal touch and therefore have been custom writing our arrangements from the very beginning. With that, we nearly exclusively use Cellobat Charts written by cellist, Sarah Chaffee (Aerosmith's top cellist). 

Our arrangements are written by musicians for musicians!

Ask about custom song arrangements for our ensembles, you think it, we'll write it! 

Sheet Music
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String Quartet

Violin, Violin, Viola, Cello

String Trio

Violin, Violin, Cello

String Duo

Violin & Cello

Solo Violin

Acoustic & Electric 
Backing Tracks Available

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